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Book 1

• Visual Discrimination
• Shape Perception & Constancy

Visual discrimination is about seeing and interpreting similarities and differences between objects that appear to be similar.

The ability to distinguish between different shapes and copy and draw them is an important step towards reading and writing letters and numbers. Children also need to see that with letters and numbers the position or orientation remains the same although they may be drawn slightly differently or bigger or smaller.


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Book 2

• Visual Closure
• Fore/Background Distinction

This skill helps us to quickly process information so that we don’t have to take lots of time to analyse lots of detail. Visual closure helps us to easily recognize sight words without having to process each individual letter.

It is important to stimulate children’s ability to see objects distinct from one another, or from other objects in the background when presented with lots of visual information.


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Book 3

• Parts and Wholes
• Sequences and Patterns

This skill refers to the ability to look at an object, analyse it and break it up into different parts.

Sequences and Patterns both have to do with ordering. This skill is closely related with visual memory and is particularly important that children are able to remember the correct sequence of letters when learning to spell.


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Book 4

• Spatial Orientation
• Spatial Relations

Directionality forms an important part of spatial relationships. Children learn concepts of left or right or top and bottom and are able to respond correctly.

Spatial relations refer to children’s ability to interpret the position of one object in relation to himself and to each other.


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